When there are too many injuries, the opponent is Manchester City… Tottenham, Son Heung-min is the corner to trust

Tottenham Hotspur, who has lost three games in a row due to a large number of key players leaving due to injury, will face defending champion Manchester City (hereinafter referred to as Manchester-City). Tottenham, who are in crisis, have no choice but to place high expectations on the performance of Son Heung-min, who has been strong against Manchester-City so far.

Tottenham will play the 14th round of the 2023-24 English Premier League (EPL) against Manchester City at 1:30 a.m. on the 4th (Korean time) at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, England.

When there are too many injuries, the opponent is Manchester City...
When there are too many injuries, the opponent is Manchester City

Tottenham, who took the lead at the start of this season by recording 10 consecutive games undefeated (8 wins, 2 draws), recently suffered 3 consecutive losses and fell to 5th place.

The biggest cause of Tottenham’s decline is injuries to key players. James Maddison and Mickey van der Pen, who played key roles in attack and defense after joining Tottenham this season, succumbed to injuries in the 11th round of the EPL against Chelsea on the 7th of last month.

Additionally, Christian Romero was sent off in the same game and will not be able to play until the match against Manchester City.

To make matters worse, Rodrigo Bentancur, who will add strength to the midfield, suffered a ruptured ankle ligament in the match against Aston Villa on the 26th of last month.

With a large number of key players leaving, Tottenham was unable to show the solid defense and fast, organic attack that it showed at the beginning of the season. As a result, the atmosphere became depressed as they lost to Chelsea, Wolverhampton, and Aston Villa in succession.

A quick rebound is needed to compete for the top spot again, but the opponent they face this time is Manchester City, which is attempting to become the first EPL player to win four consecutive titles. Manchester City is a powerhouse that has maintained its lead since the beginning of the season with Erling Haaland, Julian Alvarez, Phil Foden, and Jeremy Doku, even in the absence of Kevin De Bruyne this season.

It is a burdensome opponent for Tottenham, but if they defeat Manchester City, their team morale will increase significantly. Although it is a crisis, it is a battle that can become an opportunity.

Son Heung-min personally also needs to score. Son Heung-min has been silent for three consecutive games since scoring against Crystal Palace on October 28. As they continue to face difficult opponents such as West Ham and Newcastle after the Manchester City game, they must quickly break away from their goal silence.

The fact that Son Heung-min performed well against Manchester City is the background to raising expectations.

Son Heung-min has scored 7 goals in 17 games against Manchester City. Manchester City is a team that plays soccer by increasing possession of the ball by moving up the line. This tactic exposes weaknesses in the space behind the defense, and Son Heung-min, with his quick focus and excellent finishing ability, took advantage of this.

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