US YouTuber sentenced to 6 months in prison for intentionally crashing plane

An American YouTuber who competed in the Olympics as a member of the national snowboarding team was sentenced to six months in prison for intentionally staging a plane crash to increase video views.

According to CNN, the U.S. Department of Justice found YouTuber Trevor Daniel Jacob guilty on the 4th (local time) to six months in prison on charges of intentionally crashing an airplane and obstructing a federal investigation by concealing the wreckage of the airplane. .

Jacob released a video titled ‘I crashed my plane’ on YouTube in December 2021. The 12-minute video depicts a critical situation in which a small plane driven by Jacob suddenly loses its engine in the sky. Afterwards, Jacob opened the plane’s door and escaped, carrying a backpack containing a parachute.

Some viewers argued that the video was intentional, citing reasons such as the fact that Jacob was already wearing a backpack containing a parachute before the crash, the fact that he did not try to steer the plane to a safe landing place, and the fact that he had a camera with him when he escaped. I suspected that this was the case.

Meanwhile, when the investigation into the incident began, Jacob lied to federal prosecutors and investigators in the central district of California and to safety inspectors from the Federal Aviation Administration that he did not know where the plane’s wreckage was. Additionally, the prosecutor in charge pointed out that Jacob did not comply with the notice even though he was notified that he should not damage the area where the plane crashed and should report to the National Transportation Safety Board where the plane crashed.

Instead, Jacob arrived at the site where the plane crashed by helicopter on December 10, 2021, and then moved the wreckage to a nearby national forest. Prosecutors later said Jacob dismantled the plane’s wreckage bit by bit to impede the investigation.

‘What is the number of views’… US YouTuber sentenced to 6 months in prison for intentionally crashing plane
‘What is the number of views’… US YouTuber sentenced to 6 months in prison for intentionally crashing plane

During the trial, the prosecutor said, “It is very likely that Jacob committed this crime to gain economic profits and to elicit reactions from news and social networking services (SNS) about him,” adding, “Nevertheless, such reckless (daredevil) behavior “It should never be tolerated,” he argued. He continued, “It is essential (to receive a prison sentence) so that others will not commit this kind of thing in the future.”

Jacob’s lawyer appealed that Jacob has been living a difficult life in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. He also admitted wrongdoing, saying, “He made a series of bad choices before he was found guilty.” However, it is known that the lawyer proposed probation rather than imprisonment.

Jacob told the judge, “I am truly sorry. He reportedly wrote a letter saying, “I suffered a lot because of this incident.” The letter also said, “(Before filming the video) we studied the flight path to ensure that (the plane) would not crash near residential areas or people’s walking trails, but that still shouldn’t have happened.”

Jacob, a former pilot, also has experience competing as a member of the U.S. national snowboarding team at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. He has been active on YouTube since 2012 and has posted a variety of videos, including skateboarding and extreme sports.

Meanwhile, ‘Reacquire pilot license again’ posted on Jacob’s YouTube channel on the 5th. But he goes to jail… I was able to find out his current situation in the video titled ‘. In the video, Jacob confessed his feelings 10 days before he was sentenced to prison.

“What happened recently turned me from a boy into a man,” Jacob said. When I was 27 or 28, I thought I had become something. I thought I was all grown up and knew everything about life. In reality, it was quite the opposite. So life is like, ‘Oh, really? “Then I’ll show you this,’” he said.

He then admitted his mistake, saying, “Looking back, I did not consider the impact (the video) would have on young people at the time.” “No matter how it ends, I had to go through this to learn and grow as a person,” Jacob said. “Some people may not understand, but I think this is a signal from the universe to me.”

Jacob said, “I haven’t directed anything since I crash-landed in the forest. He also spoke to the court, but he did not do it for the reaction of social networking services (SNS). He protested against the prosecutor’s words, saying, “It’s been on my bucket list since I was young.”

In the video, Jacob regained his pilot’s license, which was withdrawn by the Federal Aviation Administration in April of last year, and showed off his daily routine, such as riding a skateboard.

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