1 Cup of White Kidney Beans a Day… “Effective in Improving Intestinal Health in Colon Cancer Patients”

1 Cup of White Kidney Beans a Day… “Effective in Improving Intestinal Health in Colon Cancer Patients”

A study showed that colon cancer patients who consumed one cup of white kidney beans a day had improved intestinal health and an increase in beneficial bacteria.

On the 4th, Professor Carrie Daniel-McDougall’s team at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center published the results of a clinical trial on adding white kidney beans to the diet of patients treated for colon cancer or removal of precancerous polyps in the medical journal ‘eBiomedicine’. did.

The research team explained that obesity and poor eating habits can cause an imbalance in the intestinal microorganisms, causing inflammation in the intestines of people who have or are suffering from colon cancer, which can affect the survival rate and can also have a negative impact on the prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer. .

1 Cup of White Kidney Beans a Day… Effective in improving intestinal health in colon cancer patients
1 Cup of White Kidney Beans a Day

He then added that white kidney beans are rich in fiber and amino acids and function as prebiotics that help the propagation of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, so they can help support immune health and control inflammation.

The research team targeted patients who were obese based on body mass index (BMI) or waist circumference and had colon cancer treatment (36 patients) or precancerous polyp removal (12 patients) into a ‘normal diet’ group and ‘one cup of canned white kidney beans a day (16 g of dietary fiber, A clinical trial was conducted in which participants were randomly assigned to a group called ‘diet containing 14g of protein (220kcal)’ and ate it for 4 weeks each.

Participants provided stool and fasting blood samples every four weeks for analysis of changes in gut microbiome and metabolites.

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The subjects of analysis were participants who ate more than 80% of the beans provided during the clinical trial and followed the prescribed diet for more than five days a week.

The research team found that participants who consumed white kidney beans experienced positive changes in their gut microbiome, which is known to be associated with improved cancer prevention and treatment outcomes.

The diversity of the intestinal microbial community increased in the white kidney bean consumption group. In addition, beneficial bacteria such as picalibacteria, eubacteria, and bifidobacteria increased, while pathogenic bacteria decreased.

“We found that the positive effects disappear quickly when you stop eating soy,” the research team said. “Soy does not cause inflammation in the intestines or significantly affect bowel habits, but without proper guidance, it can have negative effects, so if you want to try this diet, “You need to consult with a doctor,” he advised.

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